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Good evening gamers! We’re coming at you with some updates for the community tonight!

SMITE League: We are running a SMITE League between the GRN members with signups on Sept. 17th. The league is 100% free to join, and the winner of the games will be awarded with $25* via System Code or PayPal. See you there!!

Also, if you have an interest in playing ARK: Survival Evolved… Join us and fuel the fun on the “Gentleman’s Club” Xbox/PC servers!!

As always, we are doing the current give away(s)…

-TOP RECRUITER———-$100* via Console code or PayPal & your very own GRN Hoodie! (Total Value $170*)

-MONTHLY GIVEAWAY———-$25* via Console code or PayPal… and all you have to do is like the post in our Discord!!

*If you think you have what it takes we have a couple more staffing opportunities open. Join the Discord and head to the “staffing opportunities” tab!



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