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Welcome to all of our new members!

We’re in our 3rd month and things are going great! We’re at a point where we are thinking about starting a league for a free to play game we can all share and tournaments to proceed that. As we grow and we gain more friends to game and compete with the events we provide will also increase in number and variety of games. Please help us decide which FTP game we should go with in our Discord server in the Member Polls channel!!!!

If you’re interested in helping us organize or grow the community in a leadership position please fill out an application in the Leadership Opportunities channel. Any questions about leadership please send a DM to GRN ICON

Don’t forget we have ongoing competition for recruiting which is a awesome custom made GRN Hoodie and $15 PayPal/Console Code. This is open to all members!!!!

January’s giveaway for Gold, Platinum and Diamond members is currently running and is $40 PayPal/Console Code. Don’t forget to enter!!!!

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