Spring Update and New Giveaway!

ICON by ICON | News | 0 Comments | 11 Mar 2021

Thank you to all of our Supporters who continue to support our goals! We have added a new giveaway each month, which brings us to a total of 3 every month. That’s 36 giveaways every year — and we’ve done this with an average of 15 supporters each year. The possibilities for what we can achieve in the future is truly exciting!

The newly added giveaway is called the Active Giveaway where we will be giving away (2) Discord Nitro Subscriptions to (2) winners each month! Enter the giveaway with the reaction the same as all of our discord giveaways the #Active-Giveaways channel can be found next to the other giveaways channels once you have spent 600 minutes combined in any/all of our voice chats within a 30-Day period. Once you’ve hit that threshold you’ll be given our Active Role and access to the giveaways channel. This giveaway is in addition to our Member and Supporter giveaways and anyone can win any and all each month they have access to.

We recently had a Game Night with Phantom Legion community and everyone who attended had a blast and is looking forward to the next meeting. If you’re interested in our next game night check our discord for #Game-Nights updates!

Thank you as always to our Sponsor: NextGen Apparel. If you’re looking for quality gear check them out at

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