Ranks and Structure

— Senior Staff (earned by promotion from the Board of Directors)


  • Directors are members and investors who have the highest ascertainable rank. They are the only ones who may Terminate a membership. Within the board there will be 6 titles 5 being; Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Department Officer, Chief Community Officer. With the additional title being Managing Shareholder, which is given the owner of the community.

  • Deputy Directors are Administrators who have had their application accepted into the Board Program and therefore placed on a (12) twelve-month probationary period, at which anytime they may be reverted back to their previous rank or lower and their Board Program application denied. Only after the probationary period is complete will they be given a seat on the Board and the rank of Director.

  • Administrators are members who oversee community operations that include but are not limited to website, forums, discord and events. Admins are to set standards manage the staff. Administrators are accountable to their respective Director.

 Staff (earned by acceptance of application)

  • Department Head

  • Department Manager(s)

  • Department Staff

Officer Ranks (earned by notoriety within the community)

  • General 

  • Colonel

  • Major 

  • Captain 

  • Lieutenant 

Enlisted Ranks (earned by activity within the community)

    • Sergeant Major

    • First Sergeant

    • Master Sergeant

    • Sergeant First Class

    • Staff Sergeant

    • Sergeant

    • Corporal

    • Privates First Class

  • Private


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