December’s Recap


Congratulations to December’s competition winners! December’s competition ended in a tie between GRN Redlist and GRN Anachranon they both split the PayPal/Console Code and the hoodie will rollover to January.

We are well on our way to building an awesome community that gives back to its members. To help us grow make sure you are telling your friends about us and what we are doing and what we aim to accomplish, lead them to JOIN THE REVOLT! When you bring someone into the community make sure to head over to the Competitions channel, you can earn $ and swag for helping the community grow! Competitions are open to all members!!

January’s giveaway for Gold, Platinum and Diamond members will start on 1/16/19 and end 2/1/19. It will be for $40 PayPal because December’s giveaway was added to January’s. Make sure to keep an eye on theGiveaways Discord channel to enter!!!

Happy gaming!

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