January updates: SWAG Packs, Gold Coins and more!!!

ICON by ICON | News | 0 Comments | 04 Jan 2019

With the holiday passing looking back at December it was a lot of fun! We’ve managed to hit some goals and are working on milestones for 2019, the first being 100 members. We’ve gained valuable staff and members that will make this community great!
December brought us fantastic Division Staff, Events Staff and members like GRN Redlist, Jpeezy, GRNxChronosx, GRN Kingdom, GRN Soul Expert, Balthier, Jinn’Jurr and so many more, too many to list! We’re looking forward to getting more members to start our monthly leagues and tournaments!

December brought us our Gold Coins and SWAG Packs which are being sent out as I type this. Tracking numbers will be sent to your discord! The inventory looks awesome and we’re excited to send it out to you all. This is only the beginning, as we grow so to will our ability to offer better swag packs and even more! We are however still waiting on shipment of Jersey’s, Flags, and Hoodies. When this shipment arrives we will send out the Competition winners merch ASAP. Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused by late shipping.

2019 will be the year of the Gamers Revolution and we will show everyone what Gamers can do if we band together without corruption and greed. The community we are building will be the place to game for all gamers looking for a legit place to dedicate their time and receive awesome rewards!

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