HUGE July giveaway and Summer Updates!!

ICON by ICON | News | 0 Comments | 03 Jul 2020

We hope you all have been safe and healthy! We have some exciting news and some updates for you all. With things starting to settle down our staff is able to once again host events for all to compete, win and enjoy gaming within our community. Events will start up again a slowly with 1-2 events in August and we will progressively increase them with participation and time. We are just as excited to get these events rolling as you are. As always our event winning will be in console codes with the exception of cash via PayPal if you’re a supporter. Supporting packages start as low as $1/month. This helps us provide the cash winnings while keeping the events free to join, you get access to exclusive discord rewards for cash, Swag and more, ask staff for more details or checkout our Patreon

We are also in need of a few people who would be interested in taking on a staff role in order to help the community grow in various aspects. If you’re interested head over to our Discord Server and head over to the “Staff-Opportunities” channel and type “+apply” to start your application and staff will contact you. 

As promised were excited to announce our July Giveaway, because we didn’t hold a giveaway in April or May we are going to take that $50* and double it for July. That’s right we’re hosting a $100* giveaway for July! So make sure you enter on discord for a chance to win!

Thank you to all the people who game with us and help provide a place for gamers to game, compete, win cash and swag and a place to belong! And if you haven’t found your place as a gamer JOIN THE REVOLT!!!!

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