GRN Newsletter #1

ICON by ICON | News | 0 Comments | 11 Apr 2021

The Easterbunny has arrived!

 Congrats to ButteRwakk who found 5 of 6 hidden eggs and won 250,000 GRN Reward Points!!! 
*everyone who found an egg got 50,000 GRN Reward Points per egg!

Our Monthly Supporter Giveaway Winner is The RustyYew, he won $25!
Our Monthly Active Giveaway Winner is PaulZCerebral, he won (1) month of Discord Nitro!

In other news, we have added a few new self-select roles on Discord.
You can now choose which country you game in, which notifications you’ll get from us and more. So head over to the #role-selection channel on Discord.

We are also thinking about offering more content to read….
What would YOU like to read about, or maybe have a conversation about in the comments?
Please comment down below it would help us in knowing what interests is out there.
Also, apart from Twitter, is there another platform you feel we are missing out on?

We will also try out a new channel for media called “have you heard”, where you lot can post content. Maybe something epic happened when you were gaming? Maybe you heard an amazing joke?

As always, check out our affiliates and a massive thank you to our sponsor NextGen Get 10% off when you use code GRN and check out some limited edition Gamer Revolution Network swag only found here:

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