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ICON by ICON | News | 0 Comments | 02 Dec 2020

As thanksgiving passes and we remain thankful for our ability to game with awesome people, some of which have supported us and because of that support we were able to giveaway over $500 to our community members in 2020! We have managed to do this while being small, just imagine what we are capable of as we continue to grow our community. As such we are looking for staff in various aspects of; event staff, community staff, discord staff and social media staff. If you have any particular set of skills you’ve acquired over a lifetime, you will find us, you will join us? If interested head over to our Discord and apply for a staff opportunity.

We are wrapping up Season 2 of the SMITE League and will be making some changes. We will also be making an Annual Events schedule so you will know what events are planned for 2021 in advance. Additional Events not scheduled may happen. Our aim is to provide consistent events that are fun and not a chore. As we hone this we thank you for your patience, participation and feedback.

Tis’ the season and we are hoping we are not alone in the Holiday spirit! 2020 has been a dumpster fire and Christmas is a welcomed end in hopes of better days! As a celebration of the end of 2020 and the coming new year we wanted to hold an abundance of giveaways. We currently have 2 giveaways for all members and 2 for supporters. So if you support us for as little at $1/month you can enter upto 4 giveaways this December. Prizes range from our Official GRN Pro Hoodie, $25*, GRN Reward Points and a 1-Year Bronze Supporter role. Come check us out on Discord and enter before it’s too late!


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