February’s Recap and Updates!

ICON by ICON | News | 0 Comments | 12 Mar 2019

We have this last months Recap and some exciting news this month! To start here’s the recap of February:

– February’s Competition went unclaimed, as such 50% will be added to March and will keep being added until it’s won! For March the competition prize is $30 PayPal/Console Code and a Gamers Revolution Network Flag!
– February’s Giveaway winner was: GRN Redlist for $20 Paypal/Console Code! Congratulations!!!

The exciting news we have this month is that we have updated our membership/support model. Allowing everyone to participate in our Events, Giveaways and Competition by adding a Basic Membership! It is now as follows:
– Basic Membership – $0/month
Basic Membership access to our Discord, Website and Forums(soon to be) and limits you to only Console Codes as options for prizes due to age not being verified.

– Bronze Supporter – $1/month
Bronze Supporter access to our Discord, Website and Forums(soon to be) and you have the option of receiving PayPal or Console Codes as prizes due to Patreon having verified age.

To view our other supporter options that include access and awards to real merchandise you gotta have in our SWAG packs and even Jersey’s check out our Patreon Page:


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