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ICON by ICON | News | 0 Comments | 04 Jun 2022

Hello Gamers!

First off we would like to introduce a new Sponsor: Rouge Energy
They offer powder sports drink like all the others; but they have measured amounts of Caffeine to keep you going and Caffeine-Free flavors as well for those sensitive. Check them out and use our Code to help support us and save yourself some moolah!

Rogue Energy
Code: GRN
Discount: 10%

Community Updates:

Congrats to some of our recent promotions;

Rock was promoted to Discord Staff
SselluosS was promoted to Lieutenant
BubbaGumpLive was promoted to Sergeant Major
th3hentik1d was promoted to Master Sergeant

Community Growth

We are currently looking to bring on 5 more Staff in all Departments(Events, Community, Discord and Media) if you want to join our team and help us bring even more fun events, league, tournaments, sponsorships and more head over to our Discord and apply to join our Staff Team! You must hold the rank of Sergeant or higher to be considered. Staff positions come with a few perks and if you have any questions feel free to Submit a Support Ticket on our Discord Server.

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