About us


Mission statement


We aim to provide a unique adult gaming brand that supports its membership base, from the average noob, the avid streamer or to our sponsored MLG circuit teams. We strive to maintain equal opportunity gaming. Too long have gamers hopped around from community to community, clan to clan looking for a real and legit place to spend our free time gaming; whether we play for fun, competition or for sponsorships. We founded this community on the principle of focusing on the members who make up its core, and never losing sight of this.

Our community supports various outlets of gaming for competitive players and support for casual gamers. We offer regular tournaments and giveaways along with leagues, activity rewards and much more… Stop dreaming for a community that gives back, a community where you can win respect, swag, consoles, games, awards and real money!!! It’s time for a revolution in gaming…. Join us today!

We pledge to be transparent and member focused. If you have any questions or concerns ask a Moderator or Administrator or e-mail


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