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I am sure, like us, you have joined clans and communities in the past and have had bad experiences. I decided I was going to build a legit gaming community, one with the mentality of “If you win, I win, we all win.” This Brand of ‘Gamers Revolution Network,’ that I and other people, who are investing our money into is going to be huge! We are going to revolutionize the way we game together. What makes it stand out apart from all others is that I have made this Brand a (LLC) and in my business charter I outlined the company is to give a minimum of 55%-65% back to the community in the form of real prizes for tournaments and leagues, payouts to our leaders, giveaways and so much more. We aim to support everyone who just wants friends to play a new game with, streamers getting subs, affiliate and sponsored to even forming eSports teams to sponsor and compete on behalf of our Brand. Our only requirement to join our community that you are 18+ years of age and you support the community as much as you want to, meaning we have membership fees. I know that sounds scary, but our membership fees are low as $1 a month for membership! Were not looking to ‘turn a profit’ we use those funds to generate the things prior mentioned like prizes and giveaways, but not only that we will be giving money to our leaders and those who help drive the community forward! All in all, 100% goes back to the community in some form!

With this in mind the more the community grows the more truly amazing things we can provide and give back, very little is unreachable for us a united community. Here is the break down of our memberships:

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